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My First WW Weekly Update!

April 7, 2012

I’m back with the progress report from my first week on Weight Watchers. This morning, the scale informed me that I lost two pounds this week! Not a HUGE jump, but losing 1-2 pounds a week is normal and the first week of the diet was a little bumpy. I’m ecstatic to see any results at all, really, and I look forward to what’s coming next in this program. I’ve officially lost one percent of my body weight. 34% more to go! That seems like a biiiiig number, but I know I can achieve it by making good decisions and working diligently.

And how am I doing? I’m getting better at coming up with my own recipes and lower-point things to eat, which is making this process easier. I admit that sometimes I get bummed that I now have to think about and plan out everything I’m gonna eat in a day. When I start thinking about how hard it is, I usually also start to feel bad and wonder how I let myself get here. Being an emotional eater, this is really hard for me. Usually when I get upset or sad I lean on food, and I can’t do that as much as I used to. People who don’t know what it means to find comfort in food will never understand. Everybody has different outlets. Some people smoke or drink to relieve stress. I usually eat.

Ah well. I’ll be back tomorrow to share a beef stew recipe from the WW website that I tried out this week. It was surprisingly scrumptious! The reason I’m blogging recipes that I didn’t write… well, being a traditional cook who usually does not skimp on the fat or the oil or the cheese, I admit that sometimes I’m wary of the WW brand recipes. I really shouldn’t be, as I know they have test kitchens that come up with this stuff… but you never know. Low fat and I never got along really. Maybe by giving whoever is reading this blog (hello.. is anybody out there?!) an idea of how the recipes on the site and on other sites turn out, I can show them that there is no reason to fear healthier cooking! Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself.. who knows!

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